If, When, and How to Use an EZcard as a Mini Website
EZcard By Diana Ratliff | Dec 3, 2019
If, When, and How to Use an EZcard as a Mini Website
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When I heard that an EZcard can function as a "mini-website", I was skeptical. I've been designing websites since 1999 - the first one was about business cards, by the way, and I used to write for VistaPrint – and I've tested a lot of site building tools in 20 years. Technical advances have made some site-builders fairly easy to use, but they're not always a smart choice for a small business owner.

So what about an EZcard?

It is, by default, a website, in that each user gets a URL that can be entered independently into a web browser. Mine is https://ezcard.com/web; I can add content and photos and contact information just as I can with any other site builder. In fact, it is easier with the EZcard than it is with some; there are less limitations on what can be embedded. It is relatively easy to edit the site, at least if you're somewhat comfortable with software.

Navigation is different from more traditional websites in that you open and close tabs that are laid out in a horizontal menu. There is not a default "home" page.

EZcard Limitations
I see two main limitations to using an EZcard as a website.

First, if you try to put too much information on an EZcard, it becomes hard to use. It's not easily searchable, and you can't have sub-menus in the navigation; you need a tab for each section. Opening and closing lots of tabs becomes awkward and unwieldy. It is often easier to have separate EZcards for different aspects of a business.

Second, and more seriously, an EZcard URL is not going to show up in Google search for your business. Your EZcard URL isn't really a separate website that can rank independently. It's a page on the main EZcard.com site, and that's how Google sees it.

For those two reasons, I think you need your own independent website.

However, let's be fair. Dr. EZ and the team suggest that you consider an EZcard a MINI-website; not a full-fledged substitute. With that in mind, let's revisit the usefulness of an EZcard.

If You Do Not Have a Website
If you don't have a website now, an EZcard gives you a good way to include most of the information that would be found on a traditional site. You just need to be more succinct and give careful thought to what you include. Video is perfectly fine, as are photos and even Facebook posts. Just remember that "less is more", or the card will be a pain for your prospects and customers to use.

Consider buying a domain name, setting up a redirect to the EZcard URL, and use that in your promotional materials . It will help with branding (for when you DO build a website later on), and people are more familiar with domain names. Setting up a domain redirect (also called domain forwarding) is free and easy to do at most domain registrars. If you want an example, type DianaRatliff.com into Google – it redirects to the URL of my LinkedIn profile.

An EZcard can certainly be used as an inexpensive and easy-to-edit "mini" website. No, it's not going to show up in Google, but it can still highlight what makes you special and be easily shared with prospective customers.

If You Do Have a Website
One of the disadvantages of a traditional website is that that they include so much information that a prospective customer can get distracted. This is especially true if you offer different services or sell to different audiences.

It's also true that many websites are not yet mobile-friendly, and that many business owners cannot make their own site updates.

An EZcard is an excellent tool when you want to focus attention on something you offer in a way that is easy to share and easy to keep updated. (It can still link back to your main website for people who want more in-depth information.)

Maybe you're a manufacturer; you can use one EZcard to encourage consumers to visit your retail location, and a separate EZcard to highlight the benefits of opening a wholesale account. This would be a great idea for tradeshow exhibitors. Or even conference speakers, who want to share notes or highlights of a specific presentation.

(The ability to capture contact information with the EZcard CRM is a huge bonus in these situations – which is one reason that sales teams really like EZcards.)

A handyman or remodeler could easily share before-and-after photos of recent renovations and include video testimonials from happy customers.

A business coach could focus an EZcard on a specific topic, or on a specific audience (say, group vs. individual coaching.)

This effective strategy - using specific focused EZcards in different ways and sharing them with different people – is a main reason that the company offers packages that include more than 1 card design. It's rather like creating landing pages, which are enormously popular online sales tools these days.

To sum up – in my professional opinion as a web designer and marketer, an EZcard can function quite credibly as a "mini" website, though I don't recommend it as a permanent substitute for a full version. It offers additional functionality that makes it an easy and affordable tool for when you want to share specific, recent information.

Whether or not you're looking for a mini-website at all, I think any business owner can get an enormous return from this modest investment in an EZcard.

Diana Ratliff is an experienced web designer and digital marketing expert.
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