IMPORTANT NOTE: Our team was shocked by the sudden death of our acting CEO, William Martys, on April 12, 2023.  Our owner, Dr. Greg Sanders, and others from the EZcard team are maintaining all company functions, including billing, card builds, and customer support.

CONTACT US. To reach us with any questions or support needs, including card renewals, billing questions, or building a new EZcard including Concierge services, please email Dr. Greg Sanders directly at greg@maxtechinspire.com or call 833-739-2273.

NOT A CREDIT CARD COMPANY. We are not a bank or credit card company. If you have questions about an EZcard bank credit card, please go to ezcardinfo.com.  EZcard.com is a software company for businesses and create a digital business card product. We do not service credit cards.

Hours of Operation:   9am – 5pm CST Monday-Friday